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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ then kindly send us a message.

How much does a website cost?

Please see our pricing page. After the initial build and when purchased through Massive Motives our clients spend anywhere from $95 to $170 a year (paid at one time) to maintain their hosting and domain name. Let’s get in contact and talk about your needs.

How much time does a typical website take to build?

Typically no more than 90 days. There are those occasions when a web design project can be completed in under 30 days. Then there are also times when it can take longer than 90 days.

Where is your web design portfolio?

Follow me on FaceBook or contact me and tell me a little about your project. I can send a portfolio catered needs.

Will I have to pay monthly anymore?

Some clients pay monthly during their initial build. Once their project is complete and turned over they cease paying monthly. They then pay annually to maintain their domain names, hosting, and SSL Certificates. Our monthly plans are optional, all new website builds include “How To” training so you can make your own edits. Our clients have cut the cord you should also. Let’s chat!

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